Basics for New Builders: Posing the Kit

How to make your kits stand our with action poses


Review: HG IBO Gundam Vual

This is a review for the 1/144 scale HGIBO Demon Bunny Rabbit Gundam Vual Now some people might ask off the bat "Was this in the anime?" so I'll answer that first. No, it wasn't in the anime, that's why it doesn't look familiar. The Gundam Vual appeared in  Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko, a... Continue Reading →

FW Gundam STANDart: CORE Ex-S

Gundam Standart figures are small statue like figures with very little articulation but a ton of detail work on them. Next release is the Ex-S Gundam. The figure includes the main mobile suit, additional backpack attachments, rifle and a stand. This is an updated version of the previous release with a new stand and a... Continue Reading →

Basics for New Builders: Building Tips

Contrary to popular belief, the Gunpla community is not an exclusive community. You don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of all Gundam Series to start building. That being said, it can seem intimidating for people to get into the hobby. So here are a few tips needed before you can start: Tools Many newbies are intimidated... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Metal Build – Red Frame Kai

A new Metal Build Gundam Model was announced recently, the Metal Build Red Frame Kai. This kit includes the two Katanas: Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce as well as the Tactical Arms II L which transforms into different forms. Release Date: September 2017 Price: 24,840 JPY (8% tax included) Source:

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