Review: HG IBO Gundam Vual

This is a review for the 1/144 scale HGIBO Demon Bunny Rabbit Gundam Vual


Now some people might ask off the bat “Was this in the anime?” so I’ll answer that first. No, it wasn’t in the anime, that’s why it doesn’t look familiar. The Gundam Vual appeared in  Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko, a side story to the anime which only appeared in manga form.

In the story the Vual was fitted with armor parts taken from the Astaroth Origin. People who have that HG kit will notice the parts, specifically the right shoulder and the feet. Some runners were reused from that kit as well, and there will be some extra parts left after the build is completed.


The thing that stands out about this kit, like the first HG Gundam Astaroth before it is the asymmetrical design. Each half looking distinctly different from each other.

The right arm is armored with the shoulder shield while the left arm is almost bare below the shoulder.

Another thing I like about this kit is the eye design, it has an “evil face” consisting of two sets of stickers.

Moving forward.


The articulation in this kit is good, not the best, but good enough since it allows for a wide variety of poses.

The right shoulder movement is somewhat hampered by the shield attachment, but it can be moved around since it is on a hinge.

The movement of the left arm is hindered by the shield, since the shield clamps of the arm it limits the elbow bend. to pose the arm, you would have to “unclamp” the shield from the arm and rely on the holding hand and gravity to keep it in place, though it limits the poses you could do with the shield.


The Vual comes with a the shoulder shield, the round shield, the giant Mining Hammer and a Glaive. The hammer is a bit loose on the hands an has a tendency to slide down or up depending on the pose, it might take some work to get it in a decent position, but it can be done.


It’s pretty limited compared to other kits like the Astaroth Origin, but way more than others like the Barbatos Lupus.

An additional angled hand is included for holding and posing the glaive weapon, however, only one hand cover is provided, meaning you would have to disassemble the had to switch it in.


Overall, the design of this kit is pretty good, it’s well articulated and the color scheme is great. Alternatively, some of the purple parts have replacement parts in black if you aren’t much of a fan of the purple. Though it does provide nice contrast to the pure black design of the Vual.

The head design is very unique and stands out in a kit like this, however the vfin is quite strangely shaped which is why I dubbed this kit the “demon bunny rabbit” since they resemble rabbit ears somewhat.

My personal gripe about the kit are the stickers. Specifically that the shoulder shield uses a lot of stickers. While I understand why they used it, the one in the front of the shield in particular is pretty bad.

However, the stickers can be ignored and the shield painted if preferred.

The sticker on the camera atop the head is also a foil sticker and it must be put in a recess on the part on the head. Care must be taken when placing it or it will crumple slightly:

vual face
crumpled head sticker, be careful with placement


With the issue of nubs and seamlines, the Gundam Vual has a few, notable in the leg armor parts where the runner is connected to the middle of the piece, however it’s nothing a good hobby knife and some sanding can’t fix.

There are some molding lines visible, but are also easily removed.


– Nice aesthetics
– Minimal stickers
– Good articulation

– Some bad nubs
– Minimal accessories


If you like the look of the Gundam Vual, I say get the kit. If you’re not sure, I say get this kit. It’s a fun build and a great addition to your model kit collection.



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